A Cybersecure Future with Chuck Leaver

September 24, 2016
There is little to no doubt that Chuck Leaver is an expert when it comes to all aspects of tech and cybersecurity, especially with regard to application software and infrastructure technologies. He has also demonstrated an ability to successfully move companies to push the technological edge and move them into new markets. You see, Charles Leaver isn’t just the CEO of cybersecurity company Ziften, he is also highly regarded as one of the most important figures in the cybersecurity sector.

Charles Leaver entered into the cybersecurity business through his management and operation of the most technologically sophisticated lottery systems in the world. His commitment to the future of cybersecurity is complete and it comes out of his belief that it will always be necessary to secure technology. This will be the case, regardless of how advanced tech becomes. And he believes that Ziften will be one of the leaders in cybersecurity as the technological revolution moves into its next phase.

Experienced Entrepreneur, Chuck Leaver

March 27, 2016
Chuck Leaver has had a 30+ year career as an entrepreneur and senior executive in the high tech, media, and infrastructure industries.  From the beginning of his career in 1982, Leaver has been able to show his ability to adapt, improve and invent.  This skill has carried him through an extensive plethora of career skills including, but not limited to sales, management, application software, infrastructure technologies, ERP, web application development, e-learning, and gaming.  From his time at DA/EE, he was able to join at the ground level as an entry level position and utilizing his business savvy and previous experience, he worked his way up to Chief Executive Officer.

As an international business man, Chuck Leaver has also had a notable career worldwide.  These activities are significant successes in his occupational past ranging from locations in Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.